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This site is a reference guide to Lucy Maud Montgomery's Emily trilogy and the television series and anime it inspired. All can contribute to the wiki by adding or enriching an article about the author, a character, a place, a theme, an actor or producer who worked on the adaptations, etc. Production stills and screen shots from the adaptations as well as book covers can be added to illustrate the articles. For a clear organization of the information, please review our guidelines.

CAUTION: This wiki reveals plot spoilers about the Emily trilogy, Canadian TV series and anime. Read at your own risk!

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"Aunt Elizabeth was one of those people who never do understand anything unless it is told them in plain language and hammered into their heads. And then they understand it only with their brains and not with their hearts."

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WARNING: The Emily trilogy is only free for online reading in Australia. In other countries, it is illegal to read the books online without paying, as their copyrights have only expired in Australia, due to different copyright laws.

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