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Laura Murray is the daughter of Archibald Murray and the sister of Ruth Dutton, Elizabeth and Wallace Murray, the cousin of James Murray and the half-sister of Juliet Murray. She is Emily Starr's aunt. After Juliet and Douglas Starr died, spinsters Laura and Elizabeth and Jimmy took Emily in to New Moon. Laura is sweet and mellow, and is fairly easily scared compared to her sister Elizabeth who intimidates people. She is very loving to Emily and Jimmy.


Physical appearanceEdit

Laura Murray has a pale complexion and a slender figure. She is described as "almost pretty, with her delicate features and the heavy coils of pale, sleek fair hair, faintly greyed, pinned closely all around her head" with round blue eyes that Emily calls "wells of blue." Douglas Starr once mentions that Juliet somewhat looked like Laura, but that "Laura was never so pretty."

Behind the scenesEdit

Sheila McCarthy

Sheila McCarthy


  • In the 1998 TV series Emily of New Moon, Laura Murray is portrayed by Canadian actress Sheila McCarthy.

Adaptation Edit

As a character on the Emily of New Moon television series, Laura Murray is portrayed by Canadian actress Sheila McCarthy and is present in all 46 episodes. Her story varies greatly from Lucy Maud Montgomery's work. Here, Laura Murray is eventually married to an Ian Bowles. She does not make up her mind easily and feels pressured by Elizabeth. She often feels shaky at night, so she takes laudanum, a medicine that calms her down. However, the medicine is addictive. Laura Murray is once taken to a mental asylum as her sister Elizabeth's death, the financial issues that follow and her relationship with Bowles weigh heavy on her shoulders and make her loose her mind. Bowles lets her down in the end.

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