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The Murray family was a family located in Blair Water.

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The Murray family was widely known as a proud family, but as they were rich and had relative influence over others they were respected. In spite of this, people considered them overly pride and had strong opinions of them, usually negative. There was talk of the Murray pride, which was respected in the family but laughed at by others. Emily Byrd Starr had more of her share of ridicule on this matter.

The family was originally from the Old World, but in 1790, on their way into the New one, the Murrays on the ship "New Moon" had to stop because seasickness on the Prince Edward Island, where the Murray matriarch would say, "Here I stay" and decided to stay there, even when her husband would try to persuade her to get back on the ship. Eventually he gave up and they built the farm, named after the ship. Since then the direct Murray line would live there, which was, during the happenings of the books, Elizabeth Murray and Laura Murray (and Jimmy Murray as a farmer).


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